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Hussein Ali Salad

Executive Chairman of Astan Holdings Limited, Investment Management

Hussein Ali Salad the executive Chairman of Astan Holding Limited(AHL)

Hussein Ali Salad's Bio:

Hussein Ali Salad is a respected business leader in East Africa. He serves in several boards on a director position including Kenya Forex Bureau and Remittance Association(KFRA), Opportunity Bank PLC of South Sudan, Takaful Insurance of Africa in Kenya and Somalia and the East Africa Gas Oil Company(EAGOL) among others. In addition, he has over three decades experience as a senior manager and policy advisor with various regional and national authorities. He has been involved in planning and implementation of Humanitarian Assistance and development programs with USAID and ICRC.

Hussein Ali Salad's Experience:

  • Executive Chairman, at Astan Holdings

    Chairs all Executive Board meetings and provides leadership to the company and its subsidiaries.

  • Director at Scorpio Telecommunication Limited

    Managing Partner, Responsible for human resources management and financial controls. Responsible setting up of company’s’ general and specific deliverable objectives and overall policy guidelines Responsible for regulatory and compliance related matters Preparation of business development and strategic plans

  • Principal Director at Cosmos Forex Bureau Ltd

    Responsible of the Business relations with Central Bank of Kenya and other relevant Authorities in Kenya.

  • Board Chairman at Kenya Forex and Remittance Association

    Provide overall leadership to the Board and maintain a good working relationship with the Secretariat and act as a link between the Board, Management and Members.

  • Senior Policy and Program Advisor at International Committee of the Red Cross

    •Manage and co-ordinate network of key field staff in Somalia for the implementation and management of the operation’ •As the counterpart to the Head of Mission of the ICRC in Somalia, advise on formulation and implimentation of humanitarian policies and programs.

  • Senior Property and Warehouse Manager at USAID

    Responsible for all USAID property inventory and physical maintainance as the supply Manager

Hussein Ali Salad's Education:

  • United States International University - Africa

    Executive MBA
    Concentration: Business Management
  • University of Birmingham

    Master in Science degree in Governance and Development Management
    Concentration: Governance and Development Management
  • University of Birmingham

    Master in Science
    Concentration: Governance and Development Management

Hussein Ali Salad's Interests & Activities:

Governance and Development, Strategic Management and Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Humanitarian Assistance and Development, Policy and program management in Humanitarian Development, Islamic Insurance, Investment

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